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Tom is a valued and experienced member of our Facilitation and Coaching team here at Clore Leadership.  A thoughtful, enthusiastic and generous facilitator who exudes warmth and good humour.

Fiona Cameron, Learning and Courses Manager, Clore Leadership

I support organisations to achieve their goals as a:

sounding board, providing advice, support and guidance: focusing on organisational development, community engagement, and developing a values-led approach.

facilitator: designing and enabling creative conversations, including team and organisation away days.

creative practitioner: working with an individual and team to develop imaginative solutions.

coach: working with individuals to support their potential.

This can be for a specific project or programme of development, or as an ongoing source of support over a longer period of time. I aim to be someone that you can share thoughts with, bounce ideas off or get a second opinion on something – whether that is a strategic direction, a particular project, evaluation methodology or funding bid. This can happen face to face, by phone or through email.

I am also available as a speaker and keynote presenter. Subject matter is based on my own experiences and includes:

– Setting up a charity from scratch
– Leading a charity: ups and downs of being a founder and CEO
– Connecting to people: how participation can build communities
– Living it: values at the heart of an organisation

Organisations I have worked with include: People United, Clore Leadership Programme, Southbank Centre, National Theatre, Tate, Royal Opera House, RSA, Pilgrims Hospices and University of Kent.

Please get in touch via my contact page.