Supporting Individuals

Life today is busy.  
One-to-one support through coaching and mentoring is a chance to be heard.

In the last 10 years, working with leaders across the public and charitable sectors, the most consistent refrain I hear is: I just want some time to think, to get some clarity. Coaching offers individuals space to pause and stop for a while, space to reflect on what is important to them, and space to begin to make changes.  

I think there is something very special about having the chance to share your hopes and worries in a confidential space.  So I take this work seriously and I care about the people I work with.

Most of my work is done under the label of coaching, but I do draw on my skills as a counsellor, and my experiences and knowledge as a mentor and advisor.  I see my role as using all my skills, experience and expertise to provide an environment that benefits the person I am working with.

Please note that due to limited capacity and my work at ACEVO, I am not taking on any additional clients.

Coaching Questions

What topics do people bring to coaching?
Subjects vary from person to person.  It can range from relationships at work, ‘imposter syndrome’, and career transitions, to personal wellbeing and pondering next steps in life generally.  

Who do you work with?
I am open to working with everyone, although I specialise in working with people in the voluntary and public sectors. Usually these are people helping others, with little time to devote to reflection, strategic thinking and being kind to themselves.

How do I know you are the right coach for me?
The most important thing within coaching, as well as mentoring and counselling, is the relationship.  Do you feel you can be open and honest with the other person?  Sometimes people click and sometimes they don’t, that’s not a problem.  So before any commitment, we would meet or speak to say hello, talk about what you would like to get out of coaching and discuss practicalities.  It’s then up to you if you feel I’m the right person to work with you.

My values that underlie my work are important to me.  I have set up and run organisations based on understanding, kindness, courage and creativity.  These are central to me and guide who I am but also how I work.

Where and when does the coaching take place?
I coach face to face, on-line (via Skype or Zoom) or by telephone, depending on the wishes of the client.  I work from my office in Canterbury (Kent) and London (Kings Cross).

Sessions typically last between 1-2hrs and take place monthly (although this can be flexible, for example, I am working with one client fortnightly, another 4 times a year).  I work with potential clients to develop a package of coaching that works best for them.  

How much does it cost?
My fees vary, depending on whether you are booking as an individual or an organisation.  I am also conscious of client’s ability to pay; depending on circumstances I will be flexible as I do not want to prevent anyone from getting support due to financial constraints.

What are your qualifications?
I have a Diploma in Transformational Coaching, accredited from the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC), a qualified integrative counsellor and a member of British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP).

How do I get started?
Before agreeing to work together we would have a free 30 mins telephone or online conversation (or meet if practical). To book this – or if you have any other questions – please contact me here.

I have worked with Tom for over three years, from the creative stages of setting up my organisation through to our current position of consolidation and readiness to grow.

As Executive Director with responsibility for delivery, finance and management, these times became very precious and important to me, a space to step back, reflect, hear myself and be reflected by him with care, sensitivity and gentle humour. 

What I love is that these are my times, when I bring a question, a worry, a knot to untangle; I may bring celebration, pride and astonishment in my work, or maybe feeling overwhelmed and overstretched. Whatever I bring is always respected, valued, cared for and so am I – Tom has made a significant contribution both to my own wellbeing and my organisation’s strength and development.

Dr. Sheila McDonald, Executive Director, Beyond the Page