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Some nice quotes

Working with Tom feels very safe and alive. It feels a bit like alchemy – I can let all sorts of ingredients spill out of me in a mysterious quest to move forward in a new way, learning, growing and rising. I am very grateful for this practical process of person-centred discovery.

Susannah Howard, Founder and Artistic Director, Living Words

Working with Tom over the last 6 months has helped me maintain a real clarity of focus and vision in otherwise very busy and often challenging circumstances. Following each session, I’ve felt reinvigorated, empowered and optimistic about the coming months, and have been able to subsequently explore and act on some quite difficult personal and professional questions. Ultimately working with Tom has helped maintain or improve my own productivity, personal and professional relationships, and my wider wellbeing.

Michael Chandler, Programme Director, Cardboard Citizens

Having someone as a sounding board that truly gets what I do, helps me so much.  I do not have anyone else around me like that who can question me and essentially ask me what I am doing and WHY.

Natasha Steer, Creative Practitioner